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FC Galesburg Warriors

FC Galesburg Warriors

FC Galesburg Mission Statement

FC Galesburg, NFP, Inc. The purpose or purposes of the corporation are exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to promote the education of the youth of region including and close to Galesburg, Illinois, as to youth sports and athletics for soccer training, physical fitness and by promoting leadership, self-respect, confidence, diversity, collaboration and positive interaction with others with emphasis directed toward youth between the ages of 5-19, and provide payment of expenses necessary for youth who have financial need for those purposes. The corporation is a member of both US Club Soccer and Illinois Youth Soccer Association which provides the opportunity for youth athletes to compete on a national and state level.

Skills Taught by Age Group

5-6 years old

Simple movements, general coordination (soccer specific).

7-9 years old

Semi-complex movements, recognition of their surroundings and lateral movements. Introduction of usage of knees, head and chest through specific exercises, introduction of 7v7 version of sport.

10-12 years old

Complex movements, increased level of competitiveness, fundamentals of tactics (player roles), reinforcement of basics.

13-14 years old

Strength, conditioning, dynamics of movements, introduction to 11v11 version of sport, responsibility of individual role from tactical perspective. Introduction to proper form and methodology of weightlifting.

16-19 years old

Increased emphasis and training with strength, conditioning, dynamics of movements, responsibility of individual role from tactical perspective. Advanced learning of formations and team play, movement without the ball, and overall understanding of the strategical parts of the game.

Board of Directors

Ryan Wessling - Vice President
Matt Jones-Rhoades - Treasurer
Weston Oxley - Secretary
Michael Tapper - Director
Todd Smith - Director
Zac Cox - Director
Dave Hansen - Director
Kevwe Akpore - Director
Harmony Huntington - Director
Britta Marty - Director

Board Documents