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FC Galesburg, NFP, Inc. The purpose or purposes of the corporation are exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to promote the education of the youth of region including and close to Galesburg, Illinois, as to youth sports and athletics for soccer training, physical fitness and by promoting leadership, self-respect, confidence, diversity, collaboration and positive interaction with others with emphasis directed toward youth between the ages of 5-19, and provide payment of expenses necessary for youth who have financial need for those purposes. The corporation is a member of both US Club Soccer and Illinois Youth Soccer Association which provides the opportunity for youth athletes to compete on a national and state level.



The essence of FC Galesburg has been around for a while, but FC Galesburg, NFP came into existence in 2018. There was soccer in the area, but Kirk Mustain gathered a few other dedicated individuals and incorporated. Pushing through adversity, like being in its second year when covid became a thing, FC Galesburg has lead the area in soccer development. 

It is in 2023 that present and past intertwine. Before FC Galesburg, there were a variety of startup teams that led to our success. A former member of one of those teams has provided a large donation to pay homage to the Zephyrs. We are proud to announce that we are the FC Galesburg Zephyrs!

FC Galesburg Zephyrs.png
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